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Kassel World Water Series 5

EuroWasser - Model-based assessment of European water resouces and hydrology in the face of global change
Applying the global water model WaterGAP 2, the assessment is done for the whole of Europe. In addition to the climate change impacts, it includes the influence of the changing water withdrawals on water stress. In particular, thepotential impacts of climate change on droughts, floods and the hydropower potential are presented.

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Chapter 0: Contents
English, 25 kB
English, 25 kB
Chapter 1: Introduction
English, 67 kB
English, 18 kB
Chapter 2: The global integrated water model WaterGAP 2.1
English, 1.67 MB
English, 184 kB
Chapter 3: Performance of WaterGAP as compared to mesoscale models: a case study for the Elbe and Oder basins
English, 6.94 MB
English, 164 kB
Chapter 4: Baseline-A: a reference scenario of Global Change
English, 4.06 MB
English, 92 kB
Chapter 5: Europe's water stress today and in the future
English, 14.5 MB
English, 248 kB
Chapter 6: Europe's floods today and in the future
English, 14.94 MB
English, 198 kB
Chapter 7: Europe's droughts today and in the future
English, 16.58 MB
English, 233 kB
Chapter 8: Europe's hydropower potential today and in the future
English, 14.51 MB
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Chapter 9: Summing up EuroWasser: An integrated assessment of climate change impacts on Europe's water resources
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